The Medium Duty Boltless Shelving is an improved version of the age-old slotted angle system. The improvisation is the absence of bolts and nuts which means the entire shelving systems can be easily assembled / dismantled or panels intervals can be adjusted easily without the hassle of unscrewing.

Our system is so easy to use, versatile and flexible. The horizontal/side bars (DRB) are designed with double butterfly-craw. Once installed the shelving systems would be very sturdy and hold 250-300kg per tier on UDL load. It is widely used to store home items such as carton boxes, home groceries / canned foods / books and etc.

For commercial usage its commonly used to store documentation files, electronic parts, apparels, footwear, automotive and industrial spare parts etc.

Our boltless racks has mainly two selections, ECON Full Metal panels OR SOHO Wood panels.

Sizing Specifications:

Length: 910mm / 1050mm / 1220mm / 1350mm / 1520mm / 1650mm / 1830mm
Depth: 305mm / 460mm / 610mm
Height: 1840mm / 2160mm / 2460mm (Can be customised)

For heavier payload and other greater specifications requirements, you may need to see Heavy Duty Rackings.