At Sgshelf, we always strive to be innovative by adding more elements to increase the functionality of the shelving we build. This would differentiate us in the market as we go the extra mile to provide more value-added products.


Get more organised for your store with Pull-out Drawers and make full use of each under-panel storage spaces! Extremely useful for storage of canned food / handy tools / small toys and many more household items !   

Now you can easily Add on Pull-Out drawers (under panels) with Specially design bracket holders.

For shelf depth 305mm – Toyogo Drawer size: 390 x 290mm each $15.00
For shelf depth 460mm – Toyogo Drawer size 340 x 420mm each $18.00  


Clothes Rack is created by adding clothing hanger bar across underneath a shelf panel of the entire shelving systems which does not reduce your space usage on the shelf. Of course if you have more clothes to store, we always have the option to add more hanger bar.
Clothes Rack is implemented into our Lshape shelving systems to make more space for your storeroom for your bulky items storage as well as clothings.


Castor wheels are installed to our Boltless racks to make them more mobile. These are useful applications to warehouse or confined areas where storage space is critical. Shelving with wheels can be moved around to release space and give more access allowance to users.