Ushape shelving systems mainly built for clients whom wanted to cover all sides of the storeroom. They are mainly boltless structured and no corner obstruction poles at both adjacent corners. Offer clients very spacious coverage on three sides of the walls. We have various different sizings to maximise the stretch of shelving which provide more optimised space usage. Walk into the store with perfect organised view, no more cluttering of your barang barange with Ushape racks installed. The modifications removal of the centre obstruction poles are done without compromising the strength of the shelving structure. Its definitely a good storage solutions with more easy access and maximizing the use of vertical space!

Metal Shelving panels or Wood panels to select from depending the usage and budget. Each Interval height of the shelving can be adjusted according to different load sizes.

Ushape shelving – Metal rack series (without centre obstruction pole) maixmize storage usable space.